Seal the door with "Real wood frames from CHALE’T" to guarantee the strength. Worth every use

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Seal the door with

If choosing one items of decorative materials. Worthiness and utility It is something that we give importance to the top. Not even excluding small parts which many people might overlook, such as door frame. If choosing to decorate the door with wood. Termite protect door frames are probably a very interesting option. More consisting of fully equipped with functions would be worth more than worth. Like the CHALE'T door frame that is designed to support the weight of the door well and also effectively prevent termites, strength, durable by the process of compressing liquid against termites into wood. Will paint or coating, you can do it freely. Either wood drying process to reduce moisture, reduces twisting in wood Therefore more saving a lot of repair costs. Get good quality materials, meticulous in every step of this production. Without worrying about problems that followed.

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