"Real wood", the starting point of a good place to stay! When the brain relaxes. Behavior changed accordingly.

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If in every day of life full of relaxation without having to think a lot. What is good for the mind, of course! Typically in people expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions will be transmitted through behavior, facial expressions and eyes. Easily noticed especially in the elderly. Always keep emotions are not as good as in adults. Thinking about it will show up all by factors that result in relaxation. Part is from residence as well. If you are resting in Natural architecture or surrounded by real wood materials. It makes residents feel more relaxed liberation. If comparing to seeing the image, it would not be different from resting in the nature itself. From research in Japan subject "Public Health Research" Which studies the behavior of residents in architecture decorated with various materials. Found that using wood products or wooden furniture. Contribute to the better behavior and health of older people. When compared with the use of plastic furniture because it can increase the rate of interaction between people in the elderly. Resulting in the behavior of those people changing, such as speak more and willing to approach more people, better mood and also expressing his feelings more positively At the same time, research in Canada subject "Wood and Fiber Science and Applied Nursing Research" To study the use of wood products. Which affects physical health and mental health. Also stated that the color and texture of the wood contribute to stimulate warm feelings, Feeling comfortable and helps to relax. It also helps reduce stress, anxiety and reduce the recovery time in patients as well. Which can be seen that the use of wood products. In addition to helping increase the rate of interaction with those around in the elderly also affect physical health and affect the mind as well. All of these are all expressed through behavior. When relax and the mood has improved can make every day a good day. Because of life in the end of most older people would not need anything more than having contact with those around. Like a child or a spouse. By selecting wood products for structural use or interior all affect the feelings of the user. If it is a natural material that has a standard production process. Delivers value for functions and good results both in emotion would be good. Which CHALE'T have many products. Answer all the above such as Living Space Solution That consists of Genotruss wooden roof structure, Glulam bending curve wooden beam and prefabricated houses. It is another work that CHALE'T created for all wood lovers.
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